The founders and the first settlers in the colony
Bat Shlomo
during the first aliyah

Photo by Naama Stern

Bat Shlomo Founders


The Bat Shlomo village was established in 1889 by Baron Rothschild, as a daughter-settlement of Zikhron Ya’akov. A small group of people composed of 15 families of graduates of the Agricultural Training School established by Baron Rothschild in Zikhron Ya’akov in 1887, which was joined by eight farmers who settled on the lands of Umm al-Jamal purchased by Baron Rothschild in 1886 (According to Arie Samsonov, Zikhron Ya’akov 1943, pages 180 and 189 and according to the October 1900 census).

Moshava Bat Shlomo
Photo: Azaria Alon

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Photo courtesy of Yoram Fogel Museum of the First Aliyah


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