Terms of Use

Terms of Use on the bat-shlomo.co.il Website

The terms of use of the above website are written in male language but apply to both women and men.

  1. Foreword

The bat-shlomo.co.il Website (hereinafter: “The Website“), serves as an image Website that presents information for the founders of the Bat Shlomo village, and you are welcome to participate in it, subject to your consent to the terms of use as shall be detailed below.

Furthermore, the use of this Website for all its contents as well as the services offered thereon, downloads of files and media such as photos and videos as well as the various content offered to the users, may change occasionally or depending on the type of content.

The Website’s management reserves the right to update the terms of use presented below occasionally and without notice or special reference in the various channels of the Website.

  1. Intellectual Property

The Website, as well as all the information thereon, including Website design, Website code, media files including graphics, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other material displayed on the Website, belong in full to the above Website or to a third party who gave the Website a permission to display them, and they constitute the exclusive intellectual property of the bat-shlomo.co.il Website and may not be used without prior written approval from the bat-shlomo.co.il Website.

In addition, do not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate, or process pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without receiving a prior written approval.

  1. Site Content

We strive to provide you with the information displayed on the Website without any interruption, however, there may be third-party or other malfunctions or interruptions in the availability of the Website due to technical considerations. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the Website will be always available to you and no monetary compensation of one kind or another, will be given due to the termination of service / Website going down.

External links to the Website do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality, or reliable websites and a visit to them is made at your sole discretion and they are the sole responsibility of the user of the Website.

The content offered on the Website is the exclusive property of bat-shlomo.co.il or to a third party who has given the site permission to display them and making use of them they may not be done contrary to what is stated in these terms of use (see section 3), except in cases where it is otherwise stated or in cases where it has been stated that the copyright belongs to an external body. In such cases, check the terms of use of the attached link and follow the instructions on the external site to which the content belongs.

  1. Uploading Content to the Website

bat-shlomo.co.il will allow users to upload content to the Website such as documents, photos, and illustrations. The user will bear full liability for this content. The user also undertakes not to upload pornographic content to the Website or any other content that may infringe on the privacy of the individual and / or wheedle or encourage criminal activity on any issue or content that may offend users’ feelings.
The Website owner will block or remove any content that infringes copyright or invasion of privacy or the good name of a third party or if the content is illegal or inappropriate. The owner of the Website will be entitled to cancel any link from the Website, in the event that there may be an infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party. The user undertakes that all the content uploaded by him will indeed belong to him or there is no prohibition or restriction on publishing it.
The user will compensate the Website owner in any case where damage or cost is caused to the Website owner due to uploading content to the Website illegally by the user.
The Website owner may use any content uploaded by the users anytime, without obtaining the user’s consent or for any fee.

  1. Manage Website’s Users and Visitors

The Website’s management reserves the right to block any user, whether by blocking the IP address of his computer, the MACID address of his computer or even depending on the country of origin without having to provide an excuse which is acceptable to the browser.

The Website staff / Website management will do everything in its power to protect the details of the users registered on the Website / subscribers registered on the Website. In cases where it is possible for a third party to gain access to the information, it is hereby agreed that the browsers, users, and members of the Website, will not have any claim, argument, or demand towards the bat-shlomo.co.il Website staff

  1. Full Disclosure

This Website may use cookies (especially for registered and subscribed users) and in internal statistics interfaces, to maintain anonymous statistical documentation of browsers and analysis of browser(s) activity, Website browsing habits and analysis of clicks and time spent.

At all times, and other than browsers connected to the Website, the information stored is completely anonymous and does not contain the browser’s name or any other identifying information.

  1. Jurisdiction

While you are using the Website and in the event of a dispute, you hereby agree, that the aforementioned is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using only the Israeli court system in the Haifa District.

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